"The Sensational Story of Copper", a book written by Freeport-McMoRan, helps teach Chilean students about copper.

July 18, 2018

"The Sensational Story of Copper" is a book written by employees at the company's Cerro Verde operations in Peru and adapted for use in Chile. The book now is being distributed to various schools in Chile, including a public school in Santiago that received the book during a recent visit from Baldo Prokurica, Chilean Minister of Mines, and Francisco Costabal, Vice President-South America Business Development and Administration. 

As well as the history and uses of copper, the book explains how the red metal is mined and processed, and discusses the possible future mill project at the company's El Abra operations.

"Chile has been a mining country since before the Spanish colonization period, which is why it is important children, through quality interactive materials such as this book, learn about and become familiar with an economic activity that is so important to our country's development," Prokurica said during the school visit. "We also want to inspire children so that in the future they consider mining as a career option."

During their visit, Prokurica and Costabal spent the morning speaking with students about the importance of copper for Chile, its uses and how the mineral is extracted. Leading up to the donation, the children spent several days working on classroom projects to learn about copper.

The company's Santiago office will continue donating the book to other public schools around the country throughout the year.

"We are very happy to share this educational resource with students. Copper is the fundamental mineral for the progress of our country, and it is important they value it from an early age," Costabal said during the school visit. "Our company firmly believes education is a top priority for the development and advancement of our people and our country." 


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