The best of the best - Sean Wenham, Freeport-McMoRan Strategic Community Development Manager, Sean Wenham, named Eastern Arizona Courier and Copper Era's 15 Over/Under 40 Individual of the Year.

November 13, 2018
Eastern Arizona Courier

Sean Wenham 
Sean Wenham takes a selfie in Baltimore, after he learns he was named the 2018 Eastern Arizona Courier and Copper Era’s 15 Over/Under 40 Individual of the Year.

He ensures local community and business leaders are kept up to date on what’s occurring at the Safford mining operation for Freeport-McMoRan. He helps determine which nonprofit organizations and charitable endeavors should be supported with grants from Freeport’s foundation. He serves with the United Way to help even more money be properly granted to projects and organizations in Graham and Greenlee counties. In recognition of all that and more, Sean Wenham was named the Eastern Arizona Courier and Copper Era’s 15 Over/Under 40 Individual of the Year.

“I’m flattered to receive the 15 Over/Under 40 award for 2018 and wish I could’ve joined such a great field of nominees at the banquet to celebrate their successes and nominations,” Wenham said.

“Our community enjoys a bounty of talented young professionals whose efforts make the region a brighter place, and any one of them would have done justice to the award. I’m honored to receive the nomination and happily accept the award. Thank you.”

Wenham was unable to be in attendance during the awards presentation Saturday at the Branding Iron Steakhouse, as he was traveling for work. His awards were accepted on his behalf by Matt Bollinger.

The event was sponsored by Valley Telecom, with Trophies N’ Tees sponsoring the plaques presented to each of the nominees. Courier/Copper Era publisher Monica Watson and Valley Telecom chief financial officer Troy Judd presented the plaques to this year’s nominees, thanking each for his or her contribution to the community.

The keynote speaker was Nick Nordgrän-Tellez, owner of La Paloma restaurant, who said he was “humbled and thankful” to speak to the nominees, adding that “there are individuals here who are tops in their field and doing noteworthy things in the community." He called on the nominees to be “stewards in the community in which you reside.”

“Volunteer for a political party (and) protest something; it’s all part of the journey,” Nordgrän-Tellez said. “When you serve, do it with integrity and honesty; do it without prejudice. We have to seek to build each other up; we have to teach civility and good citizenship; and we have to have love and respect for ourselves and the communities in which we reside.”

In addition to Wenham, the second annual 15 Over/Under 40 group of nominees included: Amanda Jones, of the Graham County Chamber of Commerce; Brandon Little, an EMS captain and owner of Desert Shade Blinds; Phil Orme, an Eastern Arizona College athletic trainer; Corina Pino-Reyes, with Valley Telecom; Amanda Rogers, president of Pima Soccer League; Atisha Russom, founder of Humanity Served with Smile and Coffee on the Straight; Shannon Seballos, coordinator of institutional accreditation for EAC; Chris Taylor, Safford city councilman and owner of Desert Eagle Addiction Recovery; Tabitha Warn, owner of the Plantation store; Katie Williams, Pima Schools guidance counselor; and Michelle Wilson, owner of Farmers Insurance.

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