High School Students Can Now Dig Into Mining

February 8, 2018

The interactive career exploration tool matches student interests, skills and goals to in-demand careers in mining while three new classroom activities help teachers reinforce core math and science concepts through real-world mining challenges.

The high school resources were developed with assistance by company employees who lent their subject matter expertise and career knowledge to the project. 

Here's a closer look at these materials: 

  • Interactive career exploration tool – students learn about a wide range of careers in mining and discover which might be best for them by answering questions and have their responses matched to career opportunities.
  • Innovation in mining activity students investigate how the mining industry reduces costs, enhances safety and increases productivity using a variety of techniques and innovations.
  • Microbial mining activity – students explore the role biological technology plays in mining and wastewater treatment by researching how microorganisms are being used to treat and restore metal-contaminated wastewater.
  • Satellite studies with mining geoimages – students work in groups to identify and mark the footprints and boundaries of a mine using satellite imagery and learn how satellites provide valuable information about mines and the areas that surround them.

Dig Into Mining is a partnership of the Freeport-McMoRan Foundation and Discovery Education. The program was launched in 2014 and was developed to spark student interest in mining and natural resources, and strengthen math and science skills. 

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