Freeport-McMoRan Earns International Recognition for Wildlife Conservation.

December 22, 2017

Freeport-McMoRan's contributions to wildlife habitat conservation were on full display at the Wildlife Habitat Council's 2017 event celebrating corporate conservation.

In what could easily be seen as an embarrassment of riches, the company won eight different awards and was a finalist for three others. No other company or organization won more than two of the 23 total awards at the event held last month in Baltimore, Maryland.

Each year, WHC recognizes excellence in corporate conservation in honoring programs and projects in wildlife habitat enhancement and restoration, and conservation education.

Though proud of the international recognition received, awards aren't the end game for the company's conservation efforts, said Bill Cobb, Vice President of Environmental Services and Sustainable Development.  

"While there could be the perception that we pursue our WHC projects due to the awards, in reality these awards recognize our work on important habitat conservation efforts that are part of our ICMM obligations, demonstrate responsible mineral production to our customers, and in certain cases, tied to our project financing requirements," Cobb said. "We concur with the WHC tag line that every act of conservation matters." 

The company won two major awards and six different project awards:

  • Employee Engagement Award – The company as a whole was recognized for conservation "through the sheer force of its employee teams who participate in habitat and conservation education activities"
  • Gold Program Award – PT Freeport Indonesia was awarded WHC's Gold Certification for the overall excellence and depth of its conservation program
  • Bats Project Award – Cerro Verde
  • Desert Project Award – Cerro Verde
  • Mammals Project Award – Cerro Verde
  • Marine Intertidal Project Award – PTFI
  • Other Habitats Project Award – PTFI
  • Training Project Award – PTFI

The company's El Abra operations was a finalist for the Other Species Project award, and Fort Madison operations was a finalist in the Training Project award won by PTFI. Cerro Verde and PTFI also were finalists for the Forest Project Award and the Invasive Species Project Award, respectively. 

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